Fmi Cross Check test using OMSimulator

Total Simulation Verification
3 3 3

Total time taken: 00:25 min:sec

System info: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

OMSimulator Version: v2.0.0.post283-gd26544e-linux, commit d26544e

Test started: Mon Jan 25 14:34:09 CET 2021

Tested Library: fmi-cross-check, commit c0e306ff

Simulate FMU time limit: 60s

Default tolerance: 1e-08

Verified using: OpenModelica 1.16.0 with function diffSimulationResults

Links are provided if OMSimulator or the reference tool generates output.

FMI Version FMI Type Exporting Tool Exporting Tool Version Model Verified Simulated Simulation Time [sec]
2.0 cs AMESim 15 MIS_cs Yes Yes 0.0
2.0 cs AMESim 15 fuelrail_cs Yes Yes 0.0
2.0 cs AMESim 15 ClassEAmplifier Yes Yes 0.0